Deep Alignment


As an entrepreneur for 20 years i have experienced many phases of business and life which taught me deep and valuable lessons of how to live life and how to apply this to business.

My coaching approach - deep alignment - is building on this and very action oriented. You will identify and strengthen your inner compass. You will build the foundation physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually to build and walk the path your compass requires you to walk.

This offer is suited for entrepreneurs, activists, fathers, anyone who has decided to create change in the world and needs to unlock the extra edge within yourself to make it happen!

My approach builds on three phases - each with a concentrated initiation period of three weeks during which we will have one conversation per week and you will work in short thirty minute slots each day. The initiation period is followed by an integration period in your personal time with a set budget of three additional hours of coaching.


Building on my experience in guiding teams through a multitude of situations and challenges, i provide a process for teams to align towards a common shared future.

It creates coherence within the team which enables every member to individually and independently be her best towards fulfillment of the shared objective.

The design-details of the process are adjusted for the specific environment, constraints and wishes of the team. In general the design aims to enable all participants as rapidly as possible and continue without my support.


When a group of people need to be aligned in spirit and mind towards a shared goal. If this goal is to enable every participant to strengthen her in her actions towards making the planet a good place, i can help by providing an inspiring talk or conversation ranging between a few minutes to two hours.