There must be a better word for this. In my bubble almost noone considers work to be something you have to do, or you’re forced to, or something you don’t like. To the contrary.

But outside that bubble this still seems to be very different. People still work from nine to five as if they could switch themselves and their life off during the day and ignore any thought about work between five and nine.

I am looking forward to a time where the mundane, the dangerous, the boring, the repetitive, the mindless stuff many people call work can be outsourced to machines. To machines that are a lot better at this kind of work than any human could possibly get.

In this world each of us has one or more machines doing the work on their behalf and every human has the possibility — no, the obligation to explore what it means to be human to her full capacity. All the imperfections but also our propensity to associative thinking, maybe the only thing that will set us apart from machines for a long time.

Thomas Schindler