Quite often i find myself using work as an excuse for not following other options of spending my time. And for a long time i felt bad about doing that because it felt like i betrayed the way i feel about work. Very often people seem to associate a feeling of hardship and almost imprisonment to an external force with working. But when using work as an excuse by saying “i need to work” it feels much more like “i want to work” — and that’s why it feels like i betray the fact that i enjoy work.

But how come so many people see work as a burden? My suspicion is that most people associate work with necessary and unpleasant chores. Of course, i have those too, but if you really put everything you think you need to do to the test of the [Eisenhower Method](, it turns out that many of the things you spend your time on is either not necessary or can be automated or delegated.

I have found that i make “decision runs” on basic things like outfits, furniture, etc. I revisit those every couple of months and correct them if necessary. What this does is that it reduces the amount of mundane decision making i have to do throughout the day which in turn leaves more energy for the really important decisions.

If the total energy we have for decisions it limited and fixed per day, which is what studies seem to suggest, and work is about making the right decisions, this strategy seems to make sense.

Thomas Schindler