I love showing my son old technology like dial phones, especially the ones with the rotary dialer. The first expression usually is one of total indifference. He simply lacks the context to make sense of what this weird thing is. Only once i start delivering context his expression gradually changes to something like diseblief and astonishment. I love these moments and i am pretty sure that he will have fun doing stuff like this with his kids later.

I wish i knew what these moments will be about. I hardly dare to guess, after seeing technology evolve as fast as it did in the past 30 years, i am pretty sure that a lot of them will be about technology as well. I’m pretty positive that a lot of them will be about social innovation as well. But there is one thing that i’m absolutely sure of. The one thing that will not exist in the public knowledge anymore -

the steeringwheel.

Thomas Schindler