The other day my five year old son was standing outside watching the cars go by with a very concentrated look on his face. When i asked him what he was doing he responded that he was counting the electric cars going by.

The way we think about transport is beginning to change and it is good. Usually we associate this change with EVs, space-travel or the Hyperloop because that is what the media is focussing on.

Not so visible, because not so loud, big, expensive but with the same potential for innovation is what we call “the last mile”. The small hype around electrified skateboards like the boostedboard is probably only the tip of what is to come.

But having started to skate again this summer brought lost memories about the shitty condition of our pavements back that i had collected in my youth when skating or blading. On a bike or by foot you don’t notice the poor condition of our sidewalks, but on a skateboard you become acutely aware of the fact that there are probably no two meters on an average sidewalk that you can roll on without any disturbances.

Since the core aspect of the “last mile vehicle” must be small size so we can transport it easily it is very likely to have small wheels. But with these kinds of wheels it is impossible to ride under the given circumstances. Well, it turns out that someone has already tried to solve this and i can’t wait to try my own [sharkwheels]( but i am sure that there are many, many things that can be (re)invented on the last mile.

Thomas Schindler