Technology will save us. Or it will kill us. It’s pretty binary.

I’ve spent a lot of time this year thinking and learning about what makes us humans different from technology in its purest form, a strong general ai with a body attached and i must say that i have not found much.

The only spaces i found for the human species lies in the ares that will be left untouched by technology simply because they are irrelevant to her. But it is hardly possible to say what will be relevant to technology. No matter what the fitness function is that we equip her with, she can alsways change it at will.

My hope is that technology and we will find a way of living together by playing out our indivdual strenghts. While machines are really good at being extremely precise and fast in movement and calculation, us humans are extremely good at assocative thinking.

Maybe our task in the future will be in using our brains to make the connections that the machines cannot come up with. We will do this by experiencing the world in all its aspects and using our full human-ness to make some sense of what we see and feel.

I’d love that. Very much.

Thomas Schindler