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Being An Alien (1/13 Life Lessons)

….what I quickly came to learn as a naive ten year old kid with no experience of people judging other people based on their appearance or culture, is that there seems to be a special problem with germans within the Austrian culture. As soon as I opened my mouth to speak, it became evident that I was different. While in theory we all spoke German, the Austrian accent and what I had learned as German seemed to be from two entirely different planets…

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Life lessons and book lessons

In the next 15 posts or so will be focussing on lessons life taught me that shaped the way i am today and that created the reflection and learning that led to Deep Alignment. I will alternate between life lessons and books i read.

Not all of the books are chronologically related to the life lesson, but they definitely have something to teach about the life lesson.

As always, i am grateful and curious about your thoughts and feedback! Please reach out to me with anything you would like to share!a

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