“Software eats the world” Marc Andreessen says. He might be right, after all he’s been right about many things in his life so far.

Let’s assume, he is right. Then we’re well served understanding what software is. Easy, you might say: it’s the stuff that runs on my computer. Right, but that stuff is made up of something and if you look closely enough you begin to feel and see it.

Software is nothing but a bunch of decisions.

The special thing about software is that these decisions create systems that in turn create emerging attributes based on their fabric, the software or rather the decisions that make up the software.

If it is true that software eats the world and if it is true that software is made of decisions, it is pretty obvious that the quality of the decisions have a very, very big impact on us as the people — on us as a society.

We as a society must learn to manage this decision making process in order to ensure the quality of decisions we deserve and need for our future.

Thomas Schindler