Parenting is the expansion of a new universe inside a new persons mind at the right pace. Because, if the pace is right, the person will not be overwhelmed by what he or she encounters and it can be handled with grace, openness and curiosity.

If the growth is too slow, life becomes dull and encapsulated into some boring status quo — and if the person receives too much reward for his or her actions within this status quo, he or she will be locked into it forever — or at least for a long time.

If the growth is too fast, things will fall out of context and become incoherent which will create a tendency to slowing down which we have discussed above.

So the question is: how do you choose the right speed? As so often in life there is no recipe for that, but you have all it takes. Trust your intuition and trust the intuition of the person you help growing into this world.

Thomas Schindler