Money relates to wealth in the same way as the menu to the meal. 
Neither will you ever survive on eating the menu, nor will you starve without reading one. It is simply a way of keeping track of a potential.

There are many myths surrounding the money industry, which are cleverly constructed to obstruct the view of the average user of money from not only its negative side effects, but also from its generation.

After all, money is nothing but a way of keeping track of exchange between people and storing potential in order to help organise the world. In this sense, the sharing economy is nothing new.

We’ve always only shared stuff, but we’ve usually buffered and hidden the fact by using money as an intermediary. In a connected world this is no longer necessary.

People are beginning to replace traditional money with other types of money, ranging from pure information to mutual credit systems, time backed money and other types.

Money does not rule the world. We do.

Thomas Schindler