Being healthy means that all signals are well. Even though there is a lot of innovation happening in the E-Health area, the best sensor for measuring the health of my body is my body.

Unfortunately, we don’t seem to be sure whether that sensor a) picks up all necessary signals and b) informs our monitoring device (our mind) accordingly if it does.

And then it is unclear whether our mind always is in the right shape to interpret the incoming information correctly — and what if you see false positives for negatives or the other way round?

Very confusing. But hang on. We’re obviously talking about a complex system here. Even the inhabitant of what you call your body — you, yourself — has a hard time reading it.

So, how come we think that doctors might be able to help us read ourselves better? Probably because they have devices that allows them to look inside of you and let their minds interpret what they see.

Might be true. But then, how come we think that what they give us to remediate whatever they found, is actually working? Because a lot of science has gone into that, right?

The pharmaceutical industry is a massive market and usually organisations in big markets operate for their shareholders more than for their customers. I don’t know who owns the industry.

But i do know who owns my body.

Thomas Schindler