When i was young i thought i’d be become a rockstar anyway and will die at the age of 27. 
So trying to stay healthy wasn’t a priority. On my 28th birthday that opportunity had passed for good and my next exit option hopefully will pass this year, since it does not look like i will die of a heart attack during the screening of a movie based on one of my books like my hero Boris Vian. And that is not only because i haven’t written any books to date. ;-}

This will hopefully leave me with my third option in less than one year, which is to live for 120 years. 
Given the state of the art when it comes to making people live longer through western medicine and science, this is not totally unlikely.

But then again, i don’t trust the brute-force approach of western medicine and i’d rather establish a couple of fallbacks. 
Let me just explain this by some very few empirical examples, of which i have many.

I remember having a mild case of pneunomia for a couple of days and finally gave in to going to the hospital. But after having been held hostage there for one and a half days while being given unacceptable food, i released myself and the first thing i did was to go and buy some fresh fish and vegetables and have a really nice dinner. Aftwards i was convinced that this meal had contributed to me becoming better at least as much as the doctors had.

Also, a couple of years back i had a really bad dry cough for months during winter and it just wouldn’t go away. I went through everything the local pharmacy could provide as a remedy, after a while i didn’t even have to explain the symptoms to the ladies behind the counter because they already knew me so well. 
And then i went to my chinese medicine man and within about an hour with a couple of needles and a massage he got rid of what felt like 50% of the problem. Two more sessions later the cough was gone.

Apart from these arguably minor health problems i know and know of a couple of people who healed themselves of really serious diseases by changing their diet, working out and living a more balanced life in general.

All of this leads me to the conclusion that much of our fate regarding health is under our own control. In essence it comes down to managing the complex system our body is in a way that allows it to stay healthy. It is a bit like the dissonance between planning our life and planning our holidays. Most people spend a great deal of effort on planning a holiday and somehow seem to float through life without a major plan. 
This seems to run parallel to the great effort we put into healing and the little we seem to put into staying healthy.

I think, our body and minds give us all the feedback we need and most of the things we need to answer to this feedback are available to us. Only, sometimes we’re not aware of them. 
For instance, only lately i found the idea of creating fresh juice from vegetables and fruit with all its benefits, which are plentiful. Since then, i’ve been consuming more fruit and vegetable each day than i — at least consciously — had consumed over the period of several weeks before. 
And my body does not give me any signs of this being too much ;-}

I could go on about this with similar examples but they would continue to be based on my personal experience. Funnily only very few of our assumptions regarding food seem to be based on scientific grounds. The prime example to me is the campaign of the german government which started 14 years ago and is still going on today, which tells the people they should eat fruit and vegetables five times a day. As it turns out, the firbre and sugar consumed when doing so, might do more harm than good — by the way, the fibre problem can be solved by just drinking the stuff ;-}…

Until we can routinely have proteomic fingerprints done and are able to interpret them properly (the first has currently only been achieved by Danny Hillis), i only accept one expert for the state of my body and health: my body

Thomas Schindler