If i imagine life as a spectrum of things, i project a part of my self onto, it would maybe and hopefully look like a 360 degree circle of segments around a center — something like a piechart.

If i think about what i would ask of a real, full, 100% friend, it would be to be to understand me and give me honest and truthful feedback on me and my actions proactively.

If we imagine every person to be a dot with a more or less complete 360 degree radiation of segments at a varying radius, this becomes almost impossible.

If someone is in the same exact location as myself, it is not a given, that his or her piechart is directed at the same spots. It might even be possible that the other chart is tilted by an angle and only cutting through me in a line.

If someone is at the same angle and in the same location and also directed at the same spots, his or her view of the world would be too similar to mine to be in a position to give valuable feedback.

If someone is at a different position, same angle, we might have some overlap and this is exactly where it gets interesting. This person would be able to share new perspectives on my angles.

If someone is a the same location, same angle and has the same type of segments but at a different elevation, reciprocal feedback might be possible on the entirety of our lives.

This is what i look for in a friend.

Thomas Schindler