My understanding of fashion is that it provides the variable in a social clustering algorithm that helps group likeminded people together.

While the ability to cluster people becomes more important in a world of highly fragmented worldviews becomes a highly useful feature, the fragmentation makes it continually difficult to do so.
This trend of fragmentation can be observed in fashion as well. It mirrors the diverse ways we can approach the world and life and often makes it very hard to decipher the necessary codes for our clustering algorithms to work successfully.

If we accept the assumption that we seek likeminded people and that it is a good thing to do so, the logical next question must be “how can fashion adapt in order to reflect this change?”. While there will remain rules for what it means to be appropriately dressed for a certain purpose, for a long time, i think that the days of fashion in the way we dress are counted.

Fashion as a means to express how and where we position ourselves in the world moves to different media. Google and facebook (to just name two) know the multiple clusters and dimensions that make us up as individuals, probably better than we do. The next big platform for fashion will be the tool that let’s its users know about the clusters and help them understand their meanings, cross relations and who to get in touch with.

Thomas Schindler