The origin of the word fashion can be traced back to the latin word facere which means to do or to make. Today we use the word fashion mainly for the latest line of clothes we put on our bodies in order to make sure, we comply with the rules that make us fit in with the rest of the crowd.

But i wonder how many people today can actually make their clothes. Maybe i’m old fashioned (haha), but i think there hardly is an accomplishment that feels as genuine as when you’ve created something with your own hands. And somehow it seems to me that we are doing less and less of this.

It makes me wonder how it would feel to wear a pair of pants whose history i have witnessed from the very beginning, when it was still a plant, turned into thread, into cloth, dyed with ingredients that have grown or were found and made into pants with my own two hands.

I wonder for how many clothing items i can actually trace the way back to their origins. Probably not so many — but i will try an experiment for the rest of the year. I will try and only buy clothing whose history i know and can stand for.

Thomas Schindler