Ethics describe the core rules of how we live, or want to live, together as a species. Over time we have developed several ways of ensuring that we and our fellow human beings live to the same ethical standards but we have not yet managed to agree on one common version.

One very strong institution in providing those standards is religion. For some it is philosophy for others it is law or sciences.

While each of these have their own view about the details and the second or third order interpretations of the underlying rules they have set up for their ethical foundation, t does not stop to fascinate me how similar all approaches towards ethics are, when looked at from a fundamental level.

Several attempts have been tried to consolidate the combined wisdom of our religions into one single statement that all humanity might be able to subscribe to, but so far i haven’t heard of any success.

So, this morning when i started thinking about todays post, i decided that this has to change. So i created [](

It allows everyone to subscribe to Kants categorical imperative by using their email-address. Everyone can now simply look up whether a person has already subscribed to the categorical imperative or invite someone to do so.

I would love to one day hear someone taking another person accountable for some action based on this subscription.

Thomas Schindler