This is a really strange one. The first thing the wikipedia article has to say about it is “Hard work redirects here” and then it turns out that it supposedly was one of the last words of the Buddha: “Strive on with diligence”.

Furthermore it seems that every major religion lists diligence as one of the more important traits.

This is all funny given the fact that in the past couple of years my sole association with the word diligence was in the context of “Due diligence”.

But thinking about this new side of diligence leaves me with the feeling that i would like to find a modern interpretation of the word in the way the religions see them. It feels very rigid and old-fashioned in the way it is presented there, but at the same time, i feel something very powerful deep within the meaning of the word.

This energy is hard to describe. It probably is a sister of [flow](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flow_(psychology)). Very often, when i swim, after a couple of hundred meters, i start seeing and hearing Iggy Pop singing “Lust for live”…. yes, i know ;-} but reaching that moment always feels like a reward to me and it only happens when and if i swim with every fibre of my being, with full concentration on every move and with every bit of energy i have, focussed on the next move.

It is this combination of full concentration on the details and the strive for perfection of these details, combining my mind, emotion and body in one single purpose.

And that is what i call diligence.

Thomas Schindler