There is a pretty high probability that most of us will be in medical treatment when we die. Given this, it might be worthwhile asking the gatekeepers to our death, our doctors, how they would want to die — in order to make sure, they do the same thing with us.

Apparently, there are quite a few studies (some expamples: [1]( [2]( on the topic all of which show that doctors do not want to be treated.

You read right. The vast majority of doctors would opt for pain medication and then let things happen. The reason for this seems to be twofold. For one thing they know the likelihood of success of a treatment but they also know the damaging and often transforming side effects of those treatments.

One reason the rest of us chooses the treatment over the sure outcome, definitely has to do with hope. But i think there is another factor at play here.

We usually do not think about death a lot, unless it hits someone close, famous, ourselves or a lot of people in a disaster, accident or war. And this leaves us unprepared for the moment we have to make decisions. Instead of letting go graciously, we cling to life.

Yes, i would hate to die now, but what i would hate more is to be transformed into someone who does not resemble any of what i want to see myself as. What i would like to do in the face of death is to be able to gather my thoughts and share them with the ones i love and then let go.

Thomas Schindler