Culture is like an operating system. It defines the possibilities of action and interaction between entities who opt in to being part of a specific culture. And just like any operating system a culture can be empowering but also limiting in many ways. It can limit basically any possible activity, but it cannot limit thought.

And each thought in turn has the potential to modify the fabric of the cultural operating system. Although today it is possible to spread a meme broadly and quickly throughout a culture, it turns out that the involvement of the participants in a cultural system with new memes is shallow at best.

Parallels can be drawn between the differences of social uprising in the sixties in the US and the arab countries in the past couple of years and the depth vs. shallowness of memes spread with new technology.

In the sixties it was much harder to spread the word, people had to form strong ties and coordinate closely and reliably, whereas today it is possible to start a revolution on twitter or facebook, but quickly fade after an initial breakout because of the lack of social cohesion between the associated people.

There is no deeper social network than the one messy one your body inhabits and there is no way like it unless you live it.

Thomas Schindler