We don’t only owe it to our children to create a future that is better than the present, we also owe it to them to equip them with everything they need to navigate their future.

The most crucial time for building the foundation to this is childhood. This is where the fundamental biases are set and the trajectory into the future is defined.

Of course, this can -and has to be- modified and managed later by everyone on their own, once we grow up, but at nothing will we be less likely to succeed than at modifying the biases of our upbringing.

So what does a childhood look like that complements what the future holds? To answer this, of course, we need to first have a model of what the future will look like.

The only thing about our future that seems to be clear is that technological advances accelerate at an unbelievable speed. Our children will have to cope with a world run by technology.

This creates an entirely new aspect for humans to deal with. One that we have not encountered in our history so far. During our lifetime or that of our children, we will stop being the most successful species on the planet.

This is the future we have to prepare our children for. I am convinced that this future requires the exact same skills and traits as all of the generations before, just at a much higher level.

This are resourcefulness, strength of character, preference for collaboration over competitiveness, willpower to name just a few — basically anything that sets us apart from machines and helps us the do so.

The core technique for learning all of these things is never to forget how to experiment, improvise and look at the world void of dogma. In other words: play. Let’s play for a better future.

PS: There is a project around this that we are working on at the moment. If you are interested in joining, please get in touch with me.

Thomas Schindler