Books are probably the best technology for packaging concepts. 
In fact, they might even be a great thinking tool for developing concepts.
By forcing oneself into carefully formulating each thought in a way that it is congruent with all other sentences in the book, one tends to think more clearly than it is possible in the place we call our mind which tends to give thoughts a very slippery texture.

I even think that the form of the book, whether a novel, biography or some other form is secondary to the fact that the author tries to convey a concept, first to herself and then to the reader.

And seeing books in this way also helps me transcend their physical shape. My preference has actually shifted away from the paper-form to the digital, simply because i can search, highlight, comment (and find my comments and highlights), see other peoples highlights, follow references on the spot, have immediate and easy access to a dictionary to make sure i correctly understand words that are ambiguous to me. And all that while fluidly switching between a variety of devices, best fitting the circumstances in which i read.

Just recently i switched from reading black on white to white on black. Just like black on white was the most economically viable option for ink and paper, white on black is the most economically viable — or power saving — option on mobile devices.

But the weirdest thing about this is that i’ve come to love this mode. It actually feels different, more private and more connected to the book i’m reading.

Thomas Schindler