Is beauty a function of evolution or probably even functional in itself?

The case could be made and the case has been made very often, but i feel it could also be about completeness.

Sometimes when i look at something or someone and i get the unmistakeable feeling that i would not consider what i see beautiful if i weren’t biased by history or knowledge.

Let’s take a piece of art as an example. Everyone has seen some piece of art that one could not classify as beautiful, but once we learn about it’s context, it’s creators context, it’s like the shape starts shifting before ones eyes and it turns into something more attractive.

And the more you learn, the more you start appreciating it and the more beautiful it appears, all because your knowledge of the object is more complete.

So sometimes by drilling into the reasons of why we find something beautiful we might understand more about ourselves than we expect to find.

Thomas Schindler