Are you a Survivalist or a Pioneer?

We need categories to organise the world. No doubt. A great place to look for strong categories is politics where most commonly used categories are "Left" and "Right". Based on this broad categorisation there are subcategories that are very nice to have arguments over but don't help to understand what is going on.

What actually is going on is that there are some people who are convinced that it is possible and necessary to create a situation on the planet in which all ten billion people we will soon be live in balance with the planet, the rest of nature and other humans. 
And then there are some people who don't believe this, but instead believe that a yet unseen scale of extinction of billions of people is inevitable and that they want to be the ones who survive.

There is no doubt that human activity is changing the ecosystem of the planet. And there is not doubt that this dramatically will change the living conditions for billions of people. 
Imagine, you are one of these people — would you try to change your and your families situation and move to a safe place? No doubt you would. And so would the people who live where you want to move to, right. Imagine, a billion people or so want to come to live in your house, you will defend it, right?

So, while one side of the political game wants to be prepared for this situation and creates walls and weapons and restrictions and pain — let's call them the Survivalists — , the other side — let's call them the Pioneers — is focussed on creating a situation in which such action can be avoided.

The unfortunate truth is that the mechanics of our current political, social and economic systems are strongly biased towards the Survivalists. This makes it hard for the Pioneers to convince anyone of their position because there is not story for how to save humanity, yet.

Even if you choose to be a survivalist, if you think about it, you will realise that your chances of you or your loved ones actually surviving this century are very very low. You will find yourself in a world in which people will die of hunger, heat, thirst, new diseases unlocked from the permafrost and war wages at an unprecedented scale. Actually the predictions are that the entire human species will go extinct. Of course a couple of people might survive somewhere, but even if it is at the order of 100 Million, the odds are that you and your loved ones will not be part of them. And even if you were, you might wish to not be, because life will not be very funny at that point. I am pretty sure, this is not something you want to allow to happen.

There are already many Pioneers around the globe working on creating a new way of doing things. People gather around frameworks like the SDGs of the UN and start solving concrete problems. There are Pioneers who are helping Survivalists awaken and see the full picture, so that they can break free from their limiting beliefs and start working on the only option we have: Creating a new way of running our world.

The hardest part in this is to start taking action. I can offer you four easy and fun ways to start today: call a couple of friends and host a talltalk dinner , join the community of future thinkers at 50YH and share how you would run a good world and put your email on the list for my upcoming free book about how to run a good world here: — And since you probably are a Pioneer, share links to other initiatives in the comment for as many people to see as possible! All four actions will be fast, free and without any risk other than doing the right thing and having fun.

Thomas Schindler