Some things about me.


I was born in the US and grew up in Europe in an environment dominated by natural sciences which heavily influences my thinking to this day.

But instead of pursuing a scientific career - which would have been the obvious choice, or becoming a rockstar - which was my childhood dream, i instead discovered the internet at around 1996 and started building digital platforms almost immediately.

This led to a series of successful and unsuccessful initiatives, projects and ventures ranging from collaboration platforms to mobile couponing systems, least cost routing services, service providers and ecommerce platforms. Some of them are listed here.

My driving force throughout this time was to contribute towards making the planet a good place for everyone. This is not only lead by my strong belief that if we all contribute towards this goal, we can make the planet a happy place for everyone, but also by my son Noah, whom i want to be able to look in the eye and tell him that i did everything in my power once he confronts me with the status of the planet.

For a long time i believed that we could make this happen with technology but in the past years i have learned that while we technically can solve the planetary problems with technology, we cannot use these solutions until we have changed our minds. This is why i focus on helping people to change their mind and awaken to the fact that everyone can make an impact, a journey i am taking with my incredible fiancé Vanessa.

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