Together with my amazing business partner Thomas Rödiger I have founded and led delodi since 2013 - delodi is a web and mobile application development company with one goal in mind: combine the passion, excellence and knowledge of their clients with theirs to build software with modern frontends and fast and reliable backends, to help their clients perform better towards their purpose.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to serve as Chairman of the board to Harmonia Academy AG, a company founded by Elke and Martin Böckstiegel dedicated to making systemic coaching accessible to all by applying a process and interface that can be adopted to anything between personal issues to strategic decisions in corporates and governments.

Between 2009 and 2011 i had the opportunity to work as CTO with the incredibly talented entrepreneurs Marc Ullrich and Alexander Nieswandt on LUMAS and WhiteWall.

In 2007 Christian Geissendoerfer and i co-founded YOOSE to take part in the early phase of the adoption of mobile devices as a general tool to enable small scale businesses to compete with the marketing tools of large scale brands. After a pivot into location based advertising the company settled in Singapore to become one of the leaders in the field in South East Asia.



With an outstanding group of people Sebastian Fittko, Manuel Funk, Frank Wernecke and i initiated katapult:now. It started as a network of curious generalists and systems thinkers in 2016. Their objective is to understand and shape the opportunities of technology in order to contribute towards a positive impact of technology on the world.

50YH is inspired by Winston Churchills essay written in 1932 titled "50 years hence" in which he described his vision of the world in 1982. 50YH aims to build a network of visionaries, future thinkers, and builders by sharing their views through shared publications and conferences.

entrepreneurs pledge

Initiated by the incredibly inspiring Waldemar Zeiler and Philip Siefer, the entrepreneurs pledge aims at creating a platform for impact minded entrepreneurs in an action oriented version of the giving pledge as initiated by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.



Work gets done between meetings. Too often meetings take up too much of our productive time and energy. untwist helps to minimise the time spent in meetings and to maximise the effectiveness of meetings for any group.

From the get-go i helped the great Robin Resch to conceptualise and build a platform that helps young artists to make a living with their art. The underlying assumption is that in the future we will need more artists, more people relating to fine arts.

Together with my business partner in several things, Frank Wernecke, i set out to build an organisation that wants to solve transport for rural areas in developing countries. The first product will provide harvest support for farmers.

Led by Mike Marqués and initiated by Frank Wernecke and myself, a talented group of people is building the first manned drone race on the planet. It is set to take place in early 2021 on a caribbean island.

My good friend Sebastian Fittko and i have the honour of supporting the very focussed and talented Matthis Hanstein in building a solution that aims at optimising the value chain around concrete production and delivery.



Together with my good friend Lars Lægreid i came up with the idea of creating a dinner format that has the potential to easily be adopted by anyone and to inspire people to open up and share what moves them deep within.

Together with the immensely dedicated Tatiana de la Torre, Fabian Krüger and Jens Frankenreiter i set out to provide a solution to impact entrepreneurs as well as investors to close the regulatory gap between for-profit companies and non-profit organisations in order to protect for-profit companies from mission drift.

Out of the core group of katapult:now came the initiative to make it easy for change makers all across the globe to break through their physical and virtual silos in order to support each other by sharing assets and talent. This is done by a combination of a tablet app and a slack app.

With my friend Daniel Kollmann i have founded and funded HiMate! - HiMate brings together people of different cultural and financial backgrounds - casually and at eye-level. We do that by providing free vouchers for cultural events and leisure activities.

With my friends Angela Kreitenweis, Ute Weiland and Frank Wernecke i have initiated europX - The aim of europX is to achieve an effective and measurable strengthening of democracy and civil society at European level by the European elections in 2019 by linking technological and civil society actors. A platform will be established that connects people, companies and initiatives at regional and supra-regional level in order to help them to have a lasting language ability and to enable them to participate in decision-making processes.



Since the 8th TEDx event on the globe in 2009 i have been part of the board of TEDxBerlin - TEDxBerlin’s mission is to find and support people with outstanding ideas and new projects worth spreading all over the world. We would like to give these people a voice at TEDxBerlin.

I am proud to be part of the brain trust of boma germany - Boma is a global network of local partners providing transformational learning experiences linked directly to outcomes.

I feel honoured to be part of the mentors for katapult-accelerator and katapult-ocean as well as speaker and expert at the amazing katapult future fest in Oslo.

As part of the mentoring team at enpact i have met some of the most inspiring people. It is a pleasure to meet people from across the world who build amazing businesses in often adverse environments.

As deputy chairman of the boards for innovation and digital industries of the chamber of commerce in Berlin as well as being part of the plenary session of the chamber i have the opportunity to help shape the way the city acts and thinks about new ways of work, digital technology and the way exponential technologies are driving innovation that will change the way we do business and run our societies.

As part of the steering committee of Stiftung Zukunft for the Berlin-Forum i have the opportunity to co-author a new way of including citizens in the decision making process of the political landscape of the city.