The Future doesn't happen to us -
we create it.


Most of the time we look at the past and the present to describe what we think the future might bring - and in doing so we use all of our experience about what can go wrong to extrapolate possible pictures of how it could blow up.

Turning this into a narrative about the future is dangerous - our subconscious does not differentiate between what is desirable and what is not - it takes all input at face value and helps us achieve it. Even if this is something we don't want.

We need a positive narrative of how we want to live in balance with this planet and ten billion people and the rest of nature. We need a narrative that guides the way out of the current - apparently broken - paradigm into a new one that allows us and the planet to thrive.

This book is a contribution to the global conversation of developing such a narrative and action guide.

Based on hundreds, maybe thousands of conversations on the topic and twenty years of experience as a digital entrepreneur and activist and more input and thoughts and experiments than i could care to count - i tried to distill my thinking into something worth reading.

MOTHER will be finished soon. Expect more media versions soon. You will be able to experience it in a number of ways between, paper, kindle, PDF, audible, podcast, youtube, medium some for free and some at a cost, if you prefer that channel.