You are your primary and own responsibility


People throughout history have been struggling to make sense of the world and themselves and themselves in the world.

The result of this is a wealth of tools, knowledge, framework and practice that helps human beings to align themselves with who they want and need to be in the world they want to create and enable them to navigate their immediate surroundings towards this world.

Starting with Deep Alignment as an online course, i share the most important elements of this body of knowledge, tested on myself in the past twenty five years. Deep Alignment has helped many people to lead a more aligned life.

In the fall/winter of 2019 i will host the first Deep Alignment For Fathers workshop in Berlin, Germany and on the first weekend in February i will give a full weekend worth of Deep Alignment Work in Cologne, Germany.

Also, i am in the early stage of packaging this into a book in order to share it with even more people.